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Category: Cookies & Brownies

Usually sweet and can be crunchy or chewy, I would also include things like meringues in this category.

Recipes in Cookies & Brownies

Easy Chewy Nut Butter Brownies

The peanut butter in these makes them incredibly chewy--if you can't have peanut butter, try substituting all almond butter instead, and they will be more cake-like, or also try subbing tahini or coconut butter. Technically, to be paleo, you should probably omit the chocolate chips, however.

Chocolate Coconut Almond cookies

These are my new favorite cookies! Low sugar, vegan, and pretty easy and quick to make (if you have a food processor), they take a little "dehydrating" in a warm oven to get totally crisp when the weather is humid. Don't attempt to make these if your kitchen is hotter than 75 degrees however because the coconut oil seems to just ooze out of the cookies.

Grain-Free Toll House Cookies

Most of us are familiar with "Toll House cookies"--the quintessential chocolate chip cookie growing up. Mostly I make these as pan cookies, as my mother did, mainly because they're much quicker and easier! I actually add a little baking chocolate to the cookie, too, making them chocolate chocolate chip cookies, which often get mistaken for brownies. Pan cookies can get away with less sugar, too!

Grain-Free Fudgey Nibby Brownies

These are sweet and decadent, needing the sugar to caramelize (but at least it's coconut sugar), but are pretty cakey, too, when done as mini-muffins especially. The main ingredient is chocolate. How many mini-muffins you get depends partly on your mini muffin pan. You can also do these as regular pan brownies and use a 13 x 9" pan.

Grain-Free, Sugar-Free Mexican Wedding cookies

These are are shortbreads, so they are very forgiving of what sweetener one uses, not needing one that crystallizes. For purely sugar-free, though, since there are chocolate chips, you'd want to use a kind that does not use sugar, such as Lily's dark chocolate chips, sweetened with erythritol. For the powdered xylitol dusting, you can also add in a teaspoon of tapioca starch or arrowroot, but that will raise the glycemic index. They can certainly be eaten plain, too!

Hazelnut maple shortbreads

This is a “blond” version of the vegan chocolate chip cookies we like so much, but this version is not vegan (though it could certainly work that way), because I wanted the taste of butter in it. You can also substitute chocolate chips for the dates! But then it wouldn't be blonde.

You can also make this into the most delicious chocolate chip cookie (as I have done)! I will put a note in the directions--basically it requires a half cup more almonds and a cup of chocolate chips, but the texture will be still be crisp, but not spread as far as the picture shows. With the extra ingredients, the yield increases to 32 cookies.

Chocolate Chip Banana Pecan Grain-free Scone

Decadent but fairly low carb, and pretty easy to make! This uses a mostly almond flour, though, so it is definitely caloric.

Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Cookies

This is my new favorite chocolate chip cookie, which I make constantly so as to always have them in the house… This actually started out as my Hazelnut Maple Shortbreads, but with chocolate chips added. The result was spectacular, and I thought finally that it deserved its own recipe space.

English Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookies

These cookies are highly addictive. At first I made them with wheat flour, but then I experimented with several batches to get them grain-free, and this is the best tasting, best texture version yet! Though they can be a little on the chewy side, they might be able to be "dehydrated" in a warm oven after cooled to crip them up.

Simple Almond Shortbreads

These are simple and quick to make, and delicious--crisp on the outside, flexible and chewy in the middle, tasting a bit like a cross between marzipan and macaroons.

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