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Category: Sauces

Sauces can be chutneys & pestos, which are more solid, or runny, which compliment something else, such as marinades and salad dressings.

Recipes in Sauces

Mango Lime salad dressing

No description available for this recipe.

Maple pepper bacon marinade

No description available for this recipe.

Black Bean Hummus

My husband loves hummus, and it's pretty simple (and inexpensive) to make! This one is pretty intense, and I'm still formulating it--I think I will cut down the tahini next time, to see if I can get more black bean flavor. I make this with canned beans, but it would be possible to soak some beans and cook them, too--it just wouldn't be as fast, of course.

Coarse Ground Mustard

My husband loves mustard, and researching it, I realized that mustard is not all that hard to make, and we could probably save some money on some of the fancy mustards he'd like to buy. I found that the 48 hours process of letting the mustard seeds soak in an acidic environment were important for the enzymatic activity, and that it was important to keep the seeds just covered--they can soak up quite a bit of liquid in just the first couple of hours. The amounts I give are what I came up with in the end, but if your seeds soak up more and are exposed to air during the initial 48 hour process, just keep covering them with more apple cider vinegar until you are ready to grind.

Honey Mustard Sauce

This is about the simplest sauce you can think of. Invented out of necessity for dipping chicken fingers in. You can vary how much you make depending on how much you need.

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