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Category: Snacks & Crackers

Mostly savory "quick bites" that can be eaten room temperature, such as chips, crackers, etc. and go well in picnics. I put granola in this category as well, because it makes a good, quick snack. Jerky would go here, too.

Recipes in Snacks & Crackers

Grain-Free Saltines

Unlike regular saltines, which are light and flakey, these are hard and crunchy, and would cause problems for people with TMJ, but I like them because they are salty. Note that while these are grain free, they are NOT starch free, and would be consequently high in carbohydrates, containing potato and tapioca flours. They can be made vegan, as well, by substituting water and a little lemon juice for the yogurt.

Cheesy Gluten-free Sesame Sticks

You don't have to add cheese to these, if you would like them to vegan. I just like the taste of cheese crackers ;) These are mainly rice flour crackers, with sesame seeds.

Grain-free Almond Cocoa nib Granola

I actually do these as bars, because it's nice to have a quick snack, but you can also break this up into pieces and eat it with milk for breakfast. It stays very crunchy in milk. Note that "low-glycemic" in this case does not mean low calorie--nuts contain a lot of fat.

Kale Chips

I first came up with this recipe a few years ago, when a friend mentioned making kale chips in a dehydrator with tahini and lemon juice rubbed into leaves. That sounded way too simple for me, and this recipe is more complex, but essentially the same idea--make a dressing and coat the pieces of kale and dehydrate them to make a guilt-free, crunchy, salty snack! Now one can find kale chips everywhere in health food stores, but it is still more cost-effective to make them at home.

Beef Jerky

When traveling or camping, it's nice to have a quick snack that's high in protein that does not need cooking. This lasts for quite a while in the fridge, but I do not really recommend keeping it at room temperature for extended periods of time. Commercial jerky found in the store usually has high amounts of sugar used to preserve it. These are more savory.

Grain-free Cheese Biscuits

These are actually more like crunchy cheese "cookies," and what I was going for was a grain-free version of "cheese straws," which my husband loves. Technically they are not paleo, containing dairy, and are essentially shortbreads, but are a nice, savory, low-glycemic snack. They are high in fat, though.

Crunchy Oat Granola

The most time consuming part of this is prepping the nuts, so if you have pecan pieces, walnut pieces, etc., the process will go much faster. This is a tasty, crunchy granola that will stay crisp for a while in milk, but know that it is high in calories from the nuts, seeds, and oils in it. It really has to be stirred while baking or it might burn, but if you would prefer to make granola bars out of it, you could mix in an egg white as well, roll it out like the grain-free granola recipe and score it into bars which you can flip.

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