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Category: Breads

Breads can include yeasted, "quick" breads leavened with baking soda, and can be savory or sweet, such as muffins.

Recipes in Breads

Grain-free chocolate chip banana muffins or bread

This is quite delicate and has rather a long cooking time, but is delicious, all the same.

Gluten-Free Baguette

For baguettes you will need a special baguette pan…otherwise, you can use a loaf pan as long as you grease it well, or use a silicone pan. For step-by-step instructions to this recipe with pictures, you can also visit my personal blog. You can omit the coconut sugar, but it may not rise as fast, and will not be quite as brown, and will not have a hard, crunchy top crust.

Apricot Bread (gluten-free)

I came up with this trying to get rid of some old dried apricots we had that were too hard to eat!

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