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Category: Building Blocks

This is more of a catch-all for parts of recipes that can be included in other things, be used as part of many recipes, but don't necessarily fit neatly into a category. Recipes can be made up of many parts, so building blocks are like modular pieces of recipes!

Recipes in Building Blocks

Corn-Free Cheesy Polenta

For those who have to avoid gluten, avoiding corn as well becomes a real challenge! I came up with this as a substitute for either grits or polenta, and it can certainly be made without cheese, as well, but the milk helps give it a richer consistency. Certainly coconut or almond milk could be substituted for the milk for a vegan variety, as I've made this with just water, too. The grains are amaranth and millet.

Ginger Juice Cubes (frozen)

I use these in so many things! They are great to add to soups in the winter time, as well as to flavor salad dressings, truffles, add to cold herbal teas to spice them up, etc. They keep for a long time in the freezer.

Almond Flour

This is a by-product of making almond milk, actually, and not the traditional almond meal, which is just ground up almonds. The advantage of this flour is that it get "de-fatted" in the process of making the almond milk, so may be more absorbent than regular almond meal.

Gluten-Free Rice Flour Crepes

I call these a building block mainly because, while they can be eaten by themselves like pancakes, they are really best at dressing up leftovers, or making a special dessert. If you don't have tortillas on hand and you want something to wrap a filling, these will definitely serve!

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