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Category: Candies

Since truffles are my signature claim to fame, no cookbook would be complete without candies!

Recipes in Candies

Vegan Rhum Coconut truffles

I actually usually make these without rum or extract--they taste more like the maple extract than anything--almost a butterscotch taste.

Vegan Raspberry truffles

Usually for my almond milk based truffles, I make the almond milk from scratch with organic raw almonds. These would probably work with commercial almond milk, however, or even coconut milk, because the cashews add some richness.

Coconut Peppermint Patties

These need to be kept refrigerated, or they will melt at temperatures above 75F. The main ingredient is coconut oil, and these are sweetened with stevia, making them a guilt-free indulgence! Perfect for "after dinner mint" cravings. The mint layer is sandwiched between two chocolate layers.

Cocoa Chocolate Chip Meringues

For a holiday treat, I like to add peppermint oil to these and have them be mint chocolate meringues! You can also reduce the sugar to 1/3 cup, but that will result in a flat, cookie-like meringue. The sugar helps give it volume, while the cocoa can deflate it if you're not careful. Start out with slightly warm egg whites if possible. I like to store egg whites in containers in the freezer, and pull them out for projects like this. I like to leave these all night in a warm oven after turning it off, to let them get super crisp. Note that it's more difficult to make meringues successfully in humid weather.

Mint Chocolate Swirl Bark

I made this the first time for St. Patty's Day, for a potluck, and wanted to make the mint white chocolate part of the bark as bright a green as I could, using natural colorants like liquid chlorophyll, but one could also leave it white, too. This version is a bit lower sugar, in that I use more cocoa butter than white chocolate (which is quite sweet). You can also make your own white chocolate from scratch, and make it less sweet.

Grain-Free Rum Balls

These are easy and quick to make (if you have a food processor), and since they are sweetened with dates, free of refined sugar. I like to use Bacardi 151 for the rum to make them super potent, but dark rum would work, too.

Vegan Almond truffles

These were a staple truffle flavor when I was making them regularly for a vegan cafe. Before I had a Vitamix, I made homemade almond milk from scratch and let it separate overnight, letting the "cream" rise to the top, and using that for the truffles. But the Vitamix actually seems to be able to mechanically emulsify the almond milk when making it, so I started just using the emulsified almond milk, instead (which was more economical, as I'd get 3-4 batches out of one batch of almond milk, instead of just one).

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