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Category: Custards & Pies

Custards, mousses, pots de creme and egg foams (uncooked) as well as pies. Pies can be savory too, however those might go better under "entrees."

Recipes in Custards & Pies

Cashew Chocolate vegan "pots de creme" (or pie)

Some recipes are so good, I have to adapt them to other things! This one started out as a vegan, rich, "pots de creme" recipe, but I also developed a pecan pie crust for it to make it into a pie, as shown. For gluten-free, however, use the brown rice syrup instead of barley malt syrup--honey or maple syrup would also work fine. If only making pots de creme, then this would be grain-free as well as raw.

Paleo Key Lime Pie/Cheesecake

This is a no-bake concoction, and I really wanted to make it so that it did not need to be frozen, but, as I experimented with it, in order to get it to harden up sufficiently, I did end up needing to freeze it. That said, in order to serve it within a day, it needed to be frozen. I never did try taking it out after it had hardened completely to see if it would stay solid in the fridge--mainly because then it was nice to have a frozen dessert to pull out! But it will freeze rather hard after a few days. Note: I say "key lime" pie, and you can use key limes, which are sweeter, but since this is zested, and it's hard to find organic key limes, I opted for organic limes instead. This dessert is not too sweet, and is pretty tangy from the lime juice. The extra lime oil is for added lime flavor.

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